Valley Scooters brings you a great selection of motorized scooters made by Geely, Vento, Jalon and BKM scooters. We strive to provide our customers with the best pricing on gas motor scooters along with service you would expect only with much higher priced gas scooters and mopeds.
About Valley Scooters
scooters and mopeds from Strada, ZNEN, Motorino and Jonway scooters. We
mission is to provide the customer with the best quality motorized scooter at
an economical price and parts support second to none.

Valley Scooters has been in business since 2003. The owners, John Dikov
and Linda Dikov,  have over 40 years of combined business experience. We
know that the most important thing to our customers is to meet and exceed
their needs and expectations. Valley Scooters provides low wholesale pricing
on all of our gas powered scooters to all of our customers. We give
substantial discounts to dealers, rental companies, promotion companies,
clubs  or others who make large volume scooter purchases. We provide all of
our dealers with extremely competitive pricing for quantity purchases on all
of our motor scooters.

People often ask why we sell the brands that we sell. The answer is simple,
we only sell the best. Over the last 5 years we have purchased and tried out
in excess of 20 various so called "manufacturers" scooters. We discovered a
few things:
1. Many so called "manufacturers" buy scooters that look identical to each
other from different factories but sell it as if it was the same scooter. The
result- sometimes you get a good scooter named the "Hot Shot" and
sometimes you didn't. Why? Because the importer uses 2 or more factories
to make that same model and one factory used better parts and had better
quality control.
2. Even when we found a factory that made a good scooter we found that it
did not apply across all of their models. One or two models may be excellent
but the rest of them were poor.
3. When we found a factory that had a great model, at times, the quality
would vary. Maybe their usual part supplier was out of certain parts or the
QC engineer was doing something else when they should have been
monitoring the production of this model. Only about 1 out 50 scooters is
actually checked at most factories.

To solve all of these issues we now source our scooters based on which factory produces the best quality of each model. In addition we have one of our own QC people on site while our scooters are built. This insures that they are using the higher
quality parts that we have specified and that each individual scooter is tested before it is put into a box and shipped to us. Our Motorino line of scooters comes from a couple different factories. We have selected the best quality models from each
manufacturer and made sure that it was built under the supervision of our QC person. By doing this we get the best quality scooter that we can possibly get out of China at this price. You can feel confident that all of our Motorinos were inspected by
our own QC person and that they are built using the best quality parts. Sure, we are not the cheapest, but we do have the best quality. In short, we have taken the guessework out of buying and selling Chinese scooters. We have eliminated all of the
inferior factories, the inferior models from the factories and have installed our own QC person  to make sure you get the best scooter
Our average dealer buys 5-15 motorized scooters from us each month. We
have a number of customers who have bought a scooter from us and have
then come back for more, some buying a total of 3-4 gas powered scooters
from us to date.

Valley Scooters ships gas scooters from 6 locations spread out throughout
the US. In this manner we are able to get your scooters to you faster than
other dealers. We also have a complete parts inventory for all of the gas
powered scooters we sell. Usually we can have your scooter or parts shipped
within 3 business days.

We provide comprehensive parts and service support for Vento scooters,
BKM scooters, Jalon scooters and Geely scooters. Our customer service
rating is excellent. Check the customer comments page on our site or the
Yahoo reviews for gas powered scooter sales. Our goal is to have 100%
customer satisfaction for all of the gas powered scooters we sell.
We encourage all our
prospective buyers to
investigate our company and
any other company they are
considering buying a scooter
from. John Dikov is well known
on the scooter forums on the
web. There are links to some
of the forums on our links
page. Before you buy on line
ask about the dealer. We hear
many horror stories every day
from folks who bought on line
before checking. We stand
behind our products so we
love when you ask about us
and get the great reviews of
our service and dedication to
customer satisfaction.
Why buy from Valley Scooters?

1. Customer service- We provide all of our customers with
unsurpassed support for their motorized scooter.

2. Free home delivery- most dealers only deliver their gas scooters to
a terminal for free. We include home delivery of your new gas
powered scooter in the price.

3. Easy assembly- Our Geely, Jalon, Vento and BKM scooters come
99% assembled. Many dealers require you to install the front wheel,
fender, hood, handlebars, mirrors and battery. Our motor scooters
only require mirrors so be screwed in and the battery to be installed.

4. Quality products- Geely scooters and Jalon scooters are built by
the 4th largest company in China. The Chinese have been building
and riding scooters for decades and it is one of their primary means
of transportation. Vento scooters and BKM scooters are American
scooters assembled in Texas using quality parts from major
manufacturers  around the world. They are known for reliability and
a quickly becoming one of the most popular scooters around
Satisfaction Guarrantee
We are committed to our customer's satisfaction and we want
your business! We believe our success and growth was built on
responding to our customer's needs. In the unlikely event you
are unhappy with your product, you may send it back for a
30% restocking fee. The following additional conditions apply:

1. Unit must be returned in new resalable condition within 10
days of receipt and mileage on unit must be less than 10.
2. You are responsible for shipping both ways, but we will
assist you in getting the best price.
3. You will also be responsible to pack your scooter for return
so as to prevent damage to body panels or mechanical parts.
4. Scooter will be inspected prior to refund and any damages
or excessive wear will be deducted from total refund price.
Please note: that Valley Scooters sells their Geely scooters and Jalon
scooters at very  low prices that include delivery to your home. Compare to
other scooter dealers that offer you what seems like a bargain price until
you realize they charge $200 or more for delivery or they deliver their
scooters to some terminal that could be over 100 miles away from home.
Our scooters require you to screw in the mirrors and install the battery.
Compare to other dealers who expect you to put the front wheel on as well
as the handlebars.

We strive to bring you the very best quality gas powered scooters (Strada.
CFMoto, Tank, Roketa, Jalon, Geely, Vento and BKM) at the most competitive
prices with the best possible service. We will not be undersold and refuse to
have an unhappy customer. Please feel free to request references, they will
be happily provided. We want you to enjoy owning and riding your new gas
powered scooter.
We offer a fine selection of 50cc gas scooters. Gas motor scooters and mopeds from Vento, BKM, Starda, Tank, Geely, Qingqi,Jalon, and Boss. 4 stroke 150cc scooters and mopeds with free delivery to your home. Motor scooters come 99% assembled. Quality motorized scooters for less.
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or call toll free (866) 994-1141
Strada, Motorino, Yamaha/Linhai, ZNEN, CF-MOTO, Dirt bikes