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50cc Lance Charming moped scooter comes fully prepped and
delivered to your home for only $1199. Bring back the good old days
with the retro looking scooter that comes with front disk brakes, CVT
belt drive transmission, electric and kick start and a free trunk.
scooters come ready to drive, just add gas and go.
Engine Displacement:                    50cc, 4 Stroke  
Horsepower:                                  3 HP  
Max Power [kw/(r/min)]:            2.3/8000  
Max Torque [n.m/(r/min)]:          2.8/6000  
Cooling System:                             Air  
Transmission:                                 Automatic  
Drive:                                              Belt  
Starter:                                           Electric /kick
Ignition:                                          CDI  
Top Speed:                                      25+ MPH (Depending on Riders Weight
and                                                          Road Conditions)  
Front Suspension:                          Dual Telescopic Fork  
Rear Suspension:                           Mono Shock  
Front Brakes:                                 Hydraulic ABS Disc  
Rear Brakes:                                  Drum  
Front Tires:                                    3.00 - 10"  
Rear Tires:                                     3.00 - 10"  
Weight Capacity:                           330.69 Lbs.  
Net Weight:                                    176.37 Lbs.  
Fuel Capacity:                                1.585 Gallons  
Ground Clearance:                         5.9"  
Length:                                           67.4"  
Width:                                            26.06"  
Height:                                           41.93"  
Seat Height:                                   29"  
Wheelbase:                                    47.24"  
Warranty:                                      12 Months  
Lance 50cc scooter Charming
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EPA / DOT Approved Street Legal:
This gas scooter is EPA and DOT Approved and is registerable as a street legal vehicle in all 50 states.

Fully Assembled:
All Lance scooters come to your door fully assembled and ready to go (battery set up, mirrors and minior
adjustments may be required).

Front Hydraulic ABS Disc Brakes:
That's right, this 50cc Charming 150 Scooter for sale comes with hydraulic ABS disc brakes on the front wheel!
Hydraulic ABS disc brakes are the best possible brakes to have because they provide the best stopping power.
These brakes are high quality, reliable, and very safe.

Emergency Shut Off Switch:
This Moped comes with shut off switch in case of any emergency. With one press of the button it automatically
cuts the engine so you can stop easily.

Upgraded Suspension:
The Lance Charming 50 gas moped features an upgraded dual telescopic fork suspension system to make your
ride as comfortable as it can be.

80-100 MPG:
This motor scooter can get up to 100 miles to the gallon. This kind of gas mileage makes this scooter very fuel
efficient and economical. This vehicle is the perfect alternative to cars and motorcycles to save on gas and keep
extra money in your pocket!

Electric Start / Kick Start:
This moped has two starting systems that allow this scooter to be very efficient. The electric start starting
system makes simple starting even easier for anyone. The kick start can also be used at any time. The dual
starting systems are very convenient in the event that one cannot be used, and it is always a great alternative to
have two options rather than one.

4-Stroke Engine:
This gas motor scooter is equipped with a 50cc 4-stroke engine that has a 25 MPH+ speed capability. It is great
for short city commutes.

Air Cooled:
The cooling system on this model is designed to an incredibly high standard. It keeps the engine temperatures
level while offering the perfect amount of power for a more reliable engine and quality scooter.

Fully Automatic Transmission:
The 50cc Charming also comes installed with a fully automatic transmission which is operated by the simple to
use 'twist & go' throttle acceleration. With this scooter, the rider will have no worries about using a clutch or
gear shifting, because it is completely automatic and completely stress and worry free.

Storage Compartment:
There is a large storage compartment located underneath the seat. Use this extra space to put all your items that
don't fit in the glove compartment.

Rear Storage Trunk:
This gas motor scooter comes free with a detachable rear storage trunk. By adding this to the moped, you could
fit your entire house into all of the extra storage spaces. This feature is great for any trip you take if you need
that extra room to carry supplies.

Upgraded Perforated Nylon Seat:
Most seats are manufactured out of vinyl. These vinyl seats will eventually fade in color, dry out and crack from
exposure to the elements. This will make any attractive scooter look old and ugly. Fortunately for you, your new
50cc Lance Charming scooter has perforated Nylon seats. Nylon will never fade nor crack in any condition, and it
will not stick to your skin. That way, after a long ride in the hot sun, you will not be stuck to your scooter when
you arrive at your destination.

Chrome Imprinted Engine:
Your new Lance Charming moped has a shiny aluminum engine imprinted with the Lance logo so you and
everyone around you can see you are riding a high quality vehicle.

California C.A.R.B. Approved Legal in all 50 States:
This vehicle is registerable and legal in all 50 states including California.

All riders under 16 should ride with adult supervision. All riders should take a safety course. Atvs, dirt bikes, go
karts, scooters and mopeds can be hazardous to operate. For your safety, always wear a helmet, eye protection
and protective clothing. Never engage in stunt or extreme riding. Riding and alcohol/drugs don't mix. Avoid
excessive speeds. Be particularly careful on difficult terrain. Remember, Atv, dirt bike, go kart, scooter and
moped riding is more fun when you play by the rules.

For safety precautions, all vehicles must be assembled, inspected and maintained by a certified technician for
warranty to be valid. Be sure to check and tighten all nuts and bolts prior to use. Also, be sure to check for
appropriate engine fluid levels to ensure your vehicle is operating under the recommended conditions prior to

Price does not include sales tax (CA resident only 7.75%), registration and document fee ($55.00).