Strada RX8i 50cc gas scooter, one of many quality motor scooters we sell in addition to Geely scooters, Jalon scooters, Vento scooters and BKM scooters best 50cc scooters/mopeds on the market today at a great price. We also carry Vento scooters, Geely scooters and BKM scooters.
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the new (2 year/5000, 3
year/5000 mile)  warranty.
Strada gas powered scooters feature reliable 4 stroke engines, antilock front disk brakes,
performance exhaust systems and bold stying. Strada scooters now come with a 2
year/5000mile warranty on major componenets as long as scooter is prepped by a mechanic.
Valley Scooters is an authorized dealer for Strada scooters and delivers all gas scooters we sell
to your home at no extra charge. Just look below to see how inexpensive a Strada scooter
(quality gas scooter) can be. (please note some scooters may come with the front wheel off)
Colors are silver, red,
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Strada RX 200 HP gas scooter $1999
delivered to your home with free liftgate!
The Strada RX200HP- is a 170cc 10.5HP modified 4 stroke engine gas scooter. This Strada scooter has
an air induction super hemi cylinder head,  side mounted cooling grilles, CVT transmission, wireless
remote/alarm system, front disk brakes, dual rear gas shocks and tops out at 65mph. This awesome Strada
scooter is only $1999
Strada RX50 gas scooter
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Strada RX50 only $1399 delivered to your home free liftgate!
The Strada RX50 is identical to the Vento Zip R3i. Powerful 2 stroke engine, front ABS disk brakes, 12"
wheels, alarm/remote start, CVT belt drive automatic transmission and plenty of storage. This is one of
the least expensive Strada scooters yet it outperforms all the other Chinese scooters on the market.
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Strada RX8 50cc gas scooter $1499 delivered!
The Strada RX8  scooter is identical to  the Vento Triton R4i and features, 12" wheels, alarm/remote
start, CVT belt drive transmission, front disk brakes, halogen headlights. Our prices all include home
delivery and our Strada scooters come 99% assembled.
(203) 500-0960 8am-8pm 6 days a week
or call toll free (866) 994-1141
Strada, Motorino, Yamaha/Linhai, ZNEN, Vento scooters, electric scooters
We offer a fine selection of 50cc gas scooters. Gas motor scooters and mopeds from Vento, BKM, Starda, Tank, Geely, Qingqi,Jalon, and Boss. 4 stroke 150cc scooters and mopeds with free delivery to your home. Motor scooters come 99% assembled. Quality motorized scooters for less.
Strada 150Xi  scooter
The newest Strada 150cc scooter has arrived! This scooter is loaded with
chrome. Wheels, front fender, transmission cover, exhaust, dash panel,
mirrors and more are all chrome. This Strada scooter has the CVT
transmission, 13 wheels, dual rear shocks and front and rear floating disk
brakes. Get your Strada scooters now at Valley Scooters
Weekend sale, call
to get this price!
Strada RX150TE scooter
The Strada RX150 TE features a reliable 4 stroke engine, 13" wheels, front antilock  disk brakes, rear
disk brakes, rear dual gas shocks, tachometer and electric/kick start. Get your Strada scooter today
before they are all gone. One of the best 150cc scooters, only $1299 delivered to your home
Strada RX8 gas scooter
Strada 200HP gas scooter